Brenda's Busy Little Bees

Desborough Childminder

We prepare a menu at the end of each week for the following, taking into account parents wishes, child's diets and preferences, time of year, activities and celebrations.

We can cater for all dietary requirements, ensuring your child has similar to the rest so not to feel discriminated and confused. As much as possible all children will have the same. E.g a chid with diary allergy, soya products will be used, therefore rather than making 2 types of mashed potatoes or pastry one will soya shall be made for all; if a vegetarian child attends then we shall have some vegetarian meals throughout the week, with alternatives for them on the other days. If your child has any issues with food, special diets or allergies please feel free to speak to me.

Examples of meals offered during the day

Breakfast - selection of hot and cold cereals, toasts, fruit juice, milk or warm drinks

Snacks - a selection of fresh fruit, dried fruit, crackers, bread sticks, toasts, cheese, homemade cakes and biscuits, fruit/cereal bars 

Main Meal

Sausages, mashed potatoes, peas and gravy

Chicken casserole

Stir-fry and noddles

Meat/Vegetable Pie and vegetables

Beef stew and dumplings

Vegetable and lentil casserole

Chicken curry, rice and papadums

Tuna pasta bake

Homemade Pizza

Spaghetti bolognaise and garlic bread

Fish Pie and seasonal veg

Vegetable hotpot

Meat balls pasta and tomato sauce

Macaroni and cauliflower cheese


All main meals are served either with vegetables or contain vegetables

Pudding - fresh fruit is always served at least once during the day

In addition - yoghurt, banana and custard/cream, cake and custard, fruit pies, ice cream, mousse, fruit salad, jam tarts with be offered 

Drinks - water, fruit juice, milk, hot chocolate, milk shake

- Choice will be available at each meal time, with self service of things such as vegetables, gravy, sandwiches, fruit platter

- More is always available for those with larger appetites

- Snacks and meals will be made available to the children on all trips

- Treats such as ice creams, birthday cakes and the occasional sweet, will be given especially for celebrations and treats such as day out, if you do not wish your child to participate please let us know so alternatives can be made available

- All our meat is bought from the local butchers

- All fruit and vegetables are bought from the local market

- We try not to use processed foods

- We buy foods with low sugar and salt content

- We do not add salt to any cooking, including boiling of veg.

- Fruit and/or vegetables are served at each snack and meal time ensuring children are offered their '5-a-day'

- Water from the cooler in the fridge is readily available to all children throughout the day

- Squash is given if requested, as I don’t use it on a regular basis instead water will be made available to all children at each meal, snack time

- For pre-school children milk is available at snack times

- Hot drinks (cooled for easy consumption) will be available to the older children if they request, especially on cold, wintery days. These will be taken at the table and supervised.

- Fizzy drinks will not be given

- Due to allergies that other children attending may have please be aware of any foods your child brings with them. If there is a child with severe allergy e.g. nuts, you may be requested from time to time not to bring certain foods into the house

- All meals are taken at the table inside or outside (weather permitting)

picnics in the summer will be arranged were eating is less formal but manners still apply

table manners are taught, with meal times supervised

- Meal times are social events

We all eat together adults and children

All children will be encouraged to try a little of everything on their plate

Pudding is given once everyone has finished their main meal